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Games Hosting

Perfect for 3-12yos, our game hosts will lead the children in engaging party games, to entertain and bond all the kids across all different age groups! 
Our game hosts are all professionally trained, chosen for not just their skill,
but also their personality and love for children.


Starting from $200/30mins
Recommended for max 20 kids during the 30 min session.
Our game hosts generally play about 3-5 games per session

Game Hosting Parachute

Games Host with a Parachute Game

  • How many children can your entertainers cater to?
    On average, our skilled artists can twist for 20 children per hour! If there are more children however, our artists will have to twist simpler items to ensure that every child leaves with a balloon sculpture.
  • How many different designs can your balloon artists make?
    While we have no fixed number of designs, our estimate is close to a hundred! Our artists are all professionally trained with years of experience. Feel free to request for anything.
  • What age range is your balloon sculpting best suited for?
    Our balloons are best suited for parties for ages 3 and up! They are perfect for the young at heart as well because we almost always have parents lining up for our cute creations.
  • Looking for more?
    Looking for more amazing entertainment for your party like Bouncy Castles & Ball Pits, Mascots and Animal Rides? Drop us a message with your big ideas, and we'll bring your party plans to life!
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